-Priorities in life

-Priorities in life

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MNO City Studio

202 Manchester Ave.
Saint John, NB, E2M 4H3

It shocked some friends when this country kid moved to an old suburb of Saint John with my wife and daughter. In my rural days, I treated the city as a trading post, but now I love being minutes from a grocery store and school.
And the mighty St. John River and Bay of Fundy are just 5 minutes away, so water and forest still are close. Priorities sure change with a little one.



 -Little Lucy playing in the yard of our city house. 

-Little Lucy playing in the yard of our city house. 

mno country store map




mno country store

70 Bogle Rd.
Central Greenwich,
NB, E5M 2M2

Well, I haven't given up on country living just yet. I still have my wood-fired kiln and second studio upriver. And I still host my annual spring and Christmas sales at our beloved Jones Creek 1800's farmhouse.





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