Darren Emenau
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Darren Emenau is at home in the country and the city, settings he draws on for raw material and inspiration. Working under the phonetic tag MNO, his ceramics reflect the natural and industrial landscapes of his New Brunswick home. MNO experiments with clay and glaze, a magic union of science and art, to create the uncanny textures, vivid colours and signature forms that are his trademark.

Each MNO artwork is imbued with the energy of its sources and the vision of its creator. Material, form and finish are in harmony in these deeply integrated artifacts. Simultaneously contemporary and ageless, MNO works are conduits between people and landscapes. 

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For a long time, nature was MNO’s main muse. He lived and worked beside a creek overhung with ancient maples. The forest – its lichen, moss and bark – inspired textual finishes in a riot of environmental hues: sea blue, acid green, dirt brown, and more.

More recently, MNO has been living in the city. Saint John’s industry and the peeling paint, rust and weathered boards of the nearby Bay of Fundy, home to the world's highest tides, have given him som new ideas.

City or country, this is a powerful place to live and work.